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Welcome to the new EHA Engineering Website!

We have come a long way! And now, we have a brand new website, with fantastic networking features, and private groups to house our capital cost submissions!

What does this new site offer?
  • Same great information on what EHA Engineering Ltd. offers.
  • New Member feature! If you are involved in the mining industry, we encourage you to sign up and collaborate, create contacts, and discuss! If you are a business, individual, student, or organization, this is a great place for you to create your profile and get connected. You have access to the forums, blogs, videos, photos, and status updates, that also synch up with Facebook and Twitter. Use our site as your home base.
  • Create your own group, private or public.
So, sign up, it's easy, it's free, and it is worth your time!

Thank you!
EHA Engineering Ltd.

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