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EHA Engineering Ltd (EHA) offer conceptual quality plant capital cost estimates for selected metallic mineral processing and hydrometallurgical processes. At present these include metallic mineral flotation, cyanidation with carbon in pulp or Merrill-Crowe recovery, and any combination of flotation and cyanidation. Estimates are suitable for early stage project evaluation and require a minimum of input data.

EHA and an earlier associated firm have maintained technical and cost databases related to the mining industry for well over a quarter century, including equipment costs, cost indices, direct and indirect costs and derived factors.

Equipment pricing is the basis for all factored capital cost estimates, and at the present time about four dozen individual equipment cost files are maintained, plus a number of other related files. These files are updated periodically as information becomes available.

Primarily from the analysis of past studies, including feasibility through actual plant costs, factors and ranges of factors have been derived which allow the development of total capital costs from equipment costs. A complete estimate may incorporate many individual factors.


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